11 Ways To Prevent Upper Back Pain

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By Joshua Peruzzi

The stability of the upper back and limited movement in the thoracic spine make upper back pain less common than lower back pain. However, it can be debilitating when your upper back hurts. The common causes of this disorder are myofascial (muscular) pain and joint dysfunction.

You can prevent upper back pain by doing simple steps every day. These simple strategies require some adjustments in your day-to-day activities. A poor posture can weaken the muscles; strain your joints and ligaments. This will leave you with upper back pain. Primarily if you can maintain a good posture, you should be able to prevent your upper back from being injured.

You can follow 11 simple rules to prevent upper back pain

  1. If your job requires you to sit for a long time, make sure you take frequent breaks to stretch your back.
  2. If you are looking at documents, avoid looking upward, downward, or sideways which put a lot of strain on the upper back. Instead, hold the document and read in a way that you eye is parallel to the document.
  3. If you are using a computer keyboard, make sure that your arms are comfortable. Extending and raising your arms on the keyboard, which is placed too high can, strain the muscles of the upper back.
  4. As you are working on your desk, keep your arm close to your sides.
  5. When you lift heavy items, don’t twist your back.
  6. If you are breastfeeding, bring the baby close to your breast. Sit in an upright chair instead of a soft couch when you are nursing your child.
  7. Don’t slouch. Keep your body upright.
  8. Always warm up before exercise. Stretch your upper back so that your muscles do not become too tight during the workouts.
  9. Perform strengthening exercises for your upper back regularly.
  10. Avoid any activity that put repetitive stress on the upper back. If you can’t avoid it, wear protective supports and maintain good posture.
  11. If you are traveling in commercial vehicles, you may sit on a highly rounded seat. Use two pillows to support your back. Place one of them in the natural contour of your lower back. Place the other one in the gap left by the rounded seat behind your upper back. Make sure the pillows are placed in such a way that you can straighten up.

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