Back Support Seating – A Zero Gravity Recliner Is The Perfect Back Support Seating Solution

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By Shawn McGee

Proper back and neck support is important in all aspects of life – sleeping, standing, lifting, and sitting. It is especially important for people who suffer from back and neck pain. But what about the times when you are not sleeping, standing, lifting, or sitting? What about when you are relaxing?

Lounging in a chair or on the couch does not relieve the pressure placed on your back. In fact, it adds to the pressure on your back and neck. It is not practical to sit upright in an ergonomic office chair or to stand in your living room when you are relaxing after dinner or reading a novel.

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One solution to this problem is a zero gravity recliner. A zero gravity chair is ergonomically designed to recline to a point where stress on the spine is relieved.

Zero gravity recline is a technique that was developed by NASA to minimize force exerted on astronauts’ spines during takeoff. In an upright position, either standing or sitting, gravity places pressure on the spine. This causes the discs to compress and muscles to contract to maintain balance. When gravity is neutralized, back muscles rest and the discs return to their normal size and shape.

Zero gravity recliners extend the lower legs above the heart to achieve this neutralized gravity effect on the back. This results in:

correct spinal alignment
reduced pressure on the back
less muscle tension
less pressure on the heart
better circulation

The zero gravity position is also referred to as the “90/90″ position because of the right angles formed at the hips and knees. This puts you spine in the correct resting position where it forms an S-curve. In this position almost all pressure on the lower back is eliminated.

Look for a zero gravity chair that reclines smoothly and returns to an upright position easily. Zero gravity recliners often come with adjustable headrests and neck rolls. Also consider a chair that includes built-in massage. Other features include a lumbar pillow, power recline, adjustable footrest, and memory foam cushioning.

Shawn McGee provides self-care solutions for back and neck pain, discomfort, and chronic symptoms.

Because of a serious injury suffered by Shawn’s mother and her continuing struggle to overcome pain, Shawn focuses his efforts on providing pain sufferers with actionable information and resources. Back and neck support products are reviewed and recommended at Shawn’s website.

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