Inversion Chairs – The Remedy to Back Pain

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By Ilse Hagen

If you’re constantly plagued by back and spinal problems, it may be a good idea for you to try out inversion chairs. These chairs are guaranteed to help you with your back problems. The equipment consists of a curved or hinged surface, handles and a base. The chair is placed so that the user lies inverted with his or her knees hanging from the leg supports.

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Like the inverted table, the inversion chair works by utilizing gravity’s pull of the spine which will significantly reduce one’s back ache. The force from gravity also decompresses the vertebrae and can improve one’s blood circulation.

“Versions” of inversion chairs

The chair type is made up of a seat and a backrest which swings back to put the user in the inverted position. To support his or her weight, the user holds on to the equipment’s handles. The inversion bench type, meanwhile, features a seat that curves upwards in a fixed position. The user’s back follows down the curve of the bench while lying down.

Which should you buy?

Check the equipment’s stability before making a purchase to make sure that it can carry your weight. Look for one with rubber soles for better grips. Also make sure that the chair tilts at a safe angle to avoid accidents from happening.

Pick out a chair that you feel comfortable using. Check its parts to make sure that they are well-made and the seats must be well-padded.

Ask the advice of fitness experts or doctors for guidance when purchasing a chair. They can tell which brands to buy and which ones to look avoid.

Important safety information

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