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Use a Back Support Belt to Prevent Back Injuries

Article provided by courtesy of Ezine Article Database

By Ilse Hagen

You already know that carrying heavy loads and having awkward postures increases your risk of injuring your back, but are you fully aware of the proper ways of lifting heavy objects? There are actually clear guidelines on reducing back related workplace hazards – and they all advocate for the use of back support belts.

If you often lift heavy objects or simply want to have better posture, then wear a back support belt – either lumbar or full – and you are already one step ahead in preventing back injuries.

How a back support belt work

A back support belt is worn around the lower or middle back, similar to a girdle. It can also have shoulder straps or braces to keep it secure and to give additional support to the back. The belt is designed to prevent back strain and injury by keeping the your spine aligned and by forcing you to maintain a proper posture.

Do I need a back support belt?

Support belts are ideal for those who are engaged in heavy lifting, such as people in industrial and construction work. But if you are a weekend warrior, a do-it-yourselfer, or if you are recovering from a back injury, you may also need these belts.

Two types of back support belts to choose from

There are two types of back support belt: lumbar support belt and full back support belt. A lumbar support belt focuses support to the lumbar area and is used for general back support needs such as lifting, exercising, and standing. A full back support belt covers the entire back with a large pad and is used in rehabilitating spine or back injuries, as well as for correcting problems in posture.